Helen’s Passion Statement

  • I passionately believe that most people who suffer from performance anxiety have the ability to decrease or eliminate their fears and find freedom and joy on stage.
  • Persons with performance anxiety are not weak, less than, sick, weird, or abnormal. No one is alone with this frustrating and sometimes crushing mystery; it’s more common than most people recognize. I passionately believe that most people do not have to continue to live with it.
  • Performance anxiety is still in the closet: some will share their feelings of nervousness, but hardly anyone shares the true depth of their pain regarding this subject. I am passionate about opening communication and allowing ourselves to be real and truthful about how we feel when we perform.
  • Performance anxiety — its origins, manifestations, and solutions — is different for each person. Neuroscience and other disciplines are advancing knowledge about how the brain works and are providing scientifically proven tools and techniques shown to work in high pressure situations. I passionately believe that these tools must be applied to the unique individual’s needs in order to be effective, even when working in a group.

You deserve to express yourself with joy and freedom, whatever your art — music, speech, dance, acting, selling; and whatever your level — professional, amateur, student. By releasing some or all of your fears, I passionately believe that you can more deeply embrace and share what is in your heart and attain your most longed-for goals.

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