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Helen’s grandson performing confidently

Conquering Performance Anxiety from Inside Out
Helen’s most comprehensive article on performance anxiety, published in the prestigious Pan Magazine. 

A Musical Miracle
An inspiring story of one student’s triumph over performance anxiety. 

The Trill Seekers
Adult students too shy to play in public gently learn to enjoy performing solos for others.

Finding Your Niche
What truly makes your heart happy? Confidence comes more easily when you know the answer to that question and act on it. 

I was honored to be invited to write the first and only column on performance anxiety in any flute magazine in the world. Flute Focus is an informative, exciting, full-size 50-page magazine published four times a year, full of information about every aspect of flute playing.  I am happy to share the articles from my column with you.

To read Helen’s articles, visit the Flute Focus Magazine website . You’ll find her column under Professional —>Performance Matters.

My Passion: Conquering Performance Anxiety
Change Your Thoughts – Part One
Change Your Thoughts – Part Two
Go With a Kind Heart
What a Relief… You’re Normal!
Scared to Take Lessons 

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