“Helen’s own triumph over a deeply profound struggle with stage fright gives her a soft, compassionate connection to everyone in her classes. Her warm smile and supportive manner encourages participants to discover new ways to share with others that which is close to their hearts.”

Many performers are blocked from feeling confident on stage. Others perform well but needlessly berate themselves for perceived flaws and failures, or cannot focus well. Regardless of the reason that you seek greater freedom on stage, you are welcome in my groups.

Wildacres 2010 Perform Confidently Class

My workshops are deeply personal as well as full of laughter. I offer the chance for participants to share and interact, to learn concepts from great teachers in the field, to role play, and to discover many other ways to focus the mind, emotions, and body especially in high-pressure performing situations. I’m passionate about the opportunity to help you conquer your fears, and my classes are rich with transformative moments that can change people’s lives.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

 Story of Helen’s dramatic transformation

 The role of positive and negative thinking in performance

 Finding your barriers and transforming them to create the outcome you desire

 Getting approval from within instead of worrying about what people think of us

 Writing affirmations in the correct way and using them toward specific, positive goals


 Progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery

 Use of affirmations in mental rehearsal

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