Client Recommendations

“I have so many good stories to tell you since I worked with you. Your lessons have transformed my playing. You have brought a focus to my playing that I have been longing for, for years.” – Cobus du Toit, Concert Soloist, Principal Flute, Boulder Chamber Orchestra, private client

“I was offered the principal flute job in a local orchestra. Thank you for helping me manage my performance anxiety issues.” – E.H., private client

“You were a breath of fresh air. My nerves have calmed so much. I had an amazing performing experience a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t have done it without the confidence you taught me!” – Linda Rozyczko, workshop participant

“Opening night came. No terror. No trembling. I felt in control. I danced for myself, and most amazing of all, I had funnnnnn!” – Soledad, dancer, private client

“I won! I won the principal horn position! I’m so happy!!! I know it’s all because of our work together. Too bad I didn’t know about you when I took the previous twelve auditions that I lost!” – G.M., private client

“To think that I was too nervous to play in church……..and now I can. I feel like a miracle has taken place inside me. Thank you for showing me the way.” – a private client

“You’ve given me back my life.” – a music professor at a major university, international concert artist, and master teacher

“Your insight is well-researched and I appreciate your tenderness and compassion.” – a private client

“It is amazing that in such a short time I learned so much about myself. I was not expecting to make so many discoveries.” – M.G.

“I love Helen – wonderful, knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, loving and kind – I can go on and on about how I learned so much.” – workshop participant

“I brought the house down. Everyone said there was a huge difference in my playing. You do such a good job.” – Dianne Branson, workshop participant

“After working with you, I won Performer of the Semester at my school, and this semester I won another competition and gave a recital!” – Kallie Rogers, flute

“Helen’s class went beyond my expectations because it allowed me to get personal. It wasn’t just a bunch of generalizations. She put me right at ease so that I didn’t feel self-conscious about getting involved.” – W.D.Y.

“You are a life-saver to those who suffer from performance anxiety. You have helped me and so many people. I still think often of your teachings.” – workshop participant

“This is the first self-help class I actually enjoyed.” –workshop participant

“This was the beginning of freedom and joy in performing for me. – Randy Blue, violin

“I was impressed that the first thing Helen requested of the group was that we pledge to keep confidentiality. Having performed with musicians internationally, I believe Helen Spielman’s ethical principles should be the example to follow throughout our industry.” – Karen Lonsdale, workshop participant

“This was the best class I’ve taken on any subject.” – workshop participant

“Guess what? I just performed my concerto and didn’t get nervous at all. I went up there and played really well! Thanks for everything. You are the absolute best!” – Meghan Dunne, private client

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